Saturday, September 15, 2007

Barbie Fairy Princess

We went to the zoo today to see Barbie Fairy Princess in person. She was scheduled to appear for 20 minutes. The lines were so long to get in to see her. She was in a pavillion at the zoo, so it was really just a big open area. When they got us all in to the area they announced that you had to form a line to see Barbie, and that after her 20 minutes she was leaving. Without exaggerating there were 1,000 people there at least. So imagine all of those people trying to form a line. People started arguing, and they had to get the zoo security people. There were so many little girls crying. We decided to just skip the "line" and see the animals. We did get to see her and take a picture though on our way out. The funny thing is that Barbie wasn't even really all that great.


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