Saturday, September 15, 2007

More from Toronto

OK, there were private parties all over the place. We were walking around and found these giant outdoor party tents with HUGE chandeliers hanging from the peaks of the tents. It seriously looked like some kind of very trendy club. It was for a party that night called Schmooze-fest and was right next to the red carpet where the celebrities got interviewed and then they went into the party. Check out how big the chandelier is. There were loads of them! Then, we saw black squirrels all over the place. I have NEVER seen a black squirrel. I had to do a little chasing to get a good picture of one. When I asked people why the squirrels there were black they asked me what color ours were. They seem to think most squirrels are black. Also included for your viewing pleasure is a picture of Kathy in some library. I'm sure the library was important or historical but I can't remember why. (I did ask them to use the Internet to look up information for the Hillary Duff event that night!)


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