Sunday, August 5, 2007

So much going on...

Went to one of the best lakes ever last week. Higgins Lake in Northern Michigan. Scott and Sara's family invite us up to visit each summer. It is such a pretty lake. The kids all play, the guys golf, we hang out. A small glitch in the plans: We were fish sitting Katerina's fish Daisy and I forgot we were going to be fish sitting during our trip. Luckily our neighbor Nikki was able to step in and help out. I would not have been looking forward to letting Katerina know that we starved her fish! Then we had all of our neighbor friends over to break in the playhouse and play on the waterslide. Then, I took Tessa to Chicago to visit Janet. Her new apartment is very cool. Tessa got to do a lot of back to school shopping and I got to listen to very loud music in stores like Wet Seal, Abercrombie and other places I can't remember. Then after we got home from that we went to a birthday party for Caroline's friend Stella. Stella's grandma was nice enough to make each of the girls a princess skirt with tulle and little flowers and sequins sewn into it. Next weekends big event: BLOCK PARTY. Whew!


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