Monday, July 2, 2007

UA Tradition

So every year there is a 4th of July parade that runs down Northwest Blvd. And every year people start lining chairs up and down the parade route. This starts about a week in advance. No joke. And it doesn't matter if it is your yard, people put their chairs in it. Sometimes they even rope off their area. In front of your house. And they don't even have to be lawn chairs. Any chair will do. Again, no joke. And if you don't get your chairs out early you don't get a seat along the parade route. And if you put your chair there, it stays there. No one messes with it. It's kind of like the honor system. As of this evening most of the good spots were gone. Brian thinks it's tacky to do but my neighbor Marty has taken chairs with me the last two years. You really pull your car up in broad daylight and set your chairs up in front of someone's house. We saw chairs as early as last Thursday. Next year I'm putting mine up Memorial Day to beat the crowd.


nikkip said...

good for you! i thought about doing it...but couldn't bring myself to do it. but again, good for you. :)

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