Sunday, July 15, 2007

The fish was this big...

Brian's dad is a tournament fisherman and this is his old fishing partner. They won a boat together once! This was yesterday's update from the tournament he was fishing in. He did wind up winning the tournament today and the prize was $200, 000!

Steve Clapper is just 1 day away from a wire-to-wire victory in his first-ever FLW Tour event.
The Lake Erie stalwart from Ohio caught a 23-03 bag today – the best of the tournament – to forge an advantage of nearly 3 pounds on day 3 at the Detroit River. Conditions were as nasty as expected – a steady 25 mph wind that gusted to 30 at times created 7-foot rollers on Erie – and Clapper got beaten up as badly as anybody who ventured out there.
But he came back with a sack that'll make him real difficult to beat tomorrow.

Clapper paid a price to catch his huge sack, and the toll was purely physical.
"I've seen it worse, but it was plenty tough out there," he said. "I'm so sore I can hardly move. My whole body's sore, but it's mostly in my legs."
He'd been alternating between a dropshot rig and a tube throughout the tournament, but the tube was predominant today. He fished the ISG goby-colored model on a 3/4-ounce Bite-Me Big Dude jighead.
"It's easier to fish than the dropshot in the wind, and the fish seemed to want the bait more on the bottom today."
He caught about 10 keepers, and the biggest was a 5 3/4-pounder. He had a limit in the livewell in just over an hour.
There's a chance his primary area won't be as productive tomorrow, despite the expected calmer conditions.
"It could be muddied up from all those big rollers, and I might have to go another way. I might have to go to something I haven't seen in the past few days."
The five-time Detroit River BFL winner said he'll likely be a little nervous tomorrow with $200,000 on the line.
"I'm sure I'll be a little jittery until I catch that first one, but I'm just going to go out and go fishing."


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